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Jacksonville Retractable Hurricane Screen Company

Boarding up windows has become a standard precaution taken by many Florida homeowners when the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning. But plywood is bulky and cumbersome to install over windows, and it’s difficult to use plywood protection on screened patios. Fortunately, if you live in the Jacksonville area, ArmorGuard Exteriors has some better safeguards for you to consider: fabric hurricane screens, available as retractable patio screens or roll-down shutters for your windows.

These innovative storm protection products are made from the same type of fabric used in ballistic body armor, and they can protect your home from winds as strong as those that occur during Category 4 hurricanes. The roll-down hurricane screens are custom-fitted to each window, and they’re of a lighter weight than plywood and metal hurricane shutters, which makes them easier to put up when a storm approaches and take down when the threat has passed. They also fold up for easy storage.

ArmorGuard Exteriors also offers professional installation of retractable hurricane screens for porches and patios. These are motorized screens that offer the convenience of year-round protection from solar heat and inclement weather at the touch of a button.

Another important advantage of both of these fabric hurricane screens is that the translucent material can block wind and rain while still allowing daylight to penetrate your home. This feature minimizes the inconvenience of living in a shuttered home for days as an unpredictable storm approaches.

To learn more about these remarkable hurricane screens, as well as the retractable patio screens and awnings we install for homeowners throughout the Jacksonville area, contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today.