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Jacksonville Hurricane Fabric Company

Gone are the days of heading down to the hardware store to pick up plywood sheets to nail to your windows and doors when a hurricane is on the way. These days, Floridians have options for hurricane protection that are much more convenient—and far less labor-intensive!

One of the easiest solutions for stopping debris from breaking your windows is hurricane fabric. Like the name implies, this fabric is lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough to stand up to hurricane-force winds.

ArmorGuard Exteriors is a Jacksonville hurricane fabric company with access to premium materials for your home. Allow us to explain more about the proven resilience of this popular home hurricane protection option.

Strong Hurricane Fabric Shutters Made from Ballistics Vest Material

If you have any concerns about the durability of our hurricane protection products, there’s no need to worry. ArmorGuard Exteriors uses hurricane fabric that is made from the same material as ballistics body armor. Your glass windows and doors will be well-protected against flying debris. You can use and reuse these fabric hurricane panels for a long time to come.

There are additional benefits and features to using this system on your Jacksonville area home too:

  • Our trained hurricane fabric installers are in-house employees.
  • We also install the necessary mounting hardware around your windows and doors.
  • The fabric panels can be installed and removed easily.
  • The fabric still allows some light to enter, so you aren’t totally in the dark.
  • The hurricane fabric can be folded up to save space in storage.
  • Properly installed, our fabric withstands up to Category 4 winds.
  • We also offer hurricane screen installation for your home.

Hurricane fabric is also versatile enough to use on window and door openings of virtually any size or shape. You can have custom sheets made for specialty windows, large sized doors, and glass patio doors. Just let us know what areas you want protected, and our experts will look after all the details.

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