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Jacksonville Pergola Awning Company

When it comes to turning your back yard into an entertainment space, few home improvements can boast the same kind of elegance as a pergola. These romantic structures add definition to your patio and dapple the ground with engaging patterns of light and shadow. Sometimes, however, the abundant sunshine of Jacksonville, Florida, makes you long for more robust solar protection than a slatted roof provides. Why not let ArmorGuard Exteriors help by installing a retractable pergola awning? This addition allows you to turn your pergola into a freestanding canopy that you can enjoy even on the brightest of days.

Custom-Designed for Your Space

We understand that any pergola awning needs to provide shade without ruining the aesthetic appeal of a space. This is why we have partnered with Sunesta, an industry-leading awning manufacturer. You can customize their products to your heart’s content and transform your pergola into the gorgeous freestanding canopy you’ve always desired. You can select fabric:

  • Size — Since Sunesta custom-makes these awnings to fit the dimensions of your pergola down to the inch, you can rest assured that they will look like a natural part of the structure instead of a tasteless add-on.
  • Color — Choose from one of the largest selections of fabric colors and patterns in the industry to ensure that your pergola awning perfectly complements both your home’s façade and your exterior décor.

Whichever selections you make, you can rest assured that your pergola awning will last for years to come. That’s because ArmorGuard Exteriors only uses highly trained, full-time employees for installation, protecting you from the unpredictable skillset of subcontractors. Your freestanding canopy will also come with an exceptional comprehensive warranty, protecting your investment for years to come.

Are you ready to relax in the shade? Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today by calling (904) 441-5845 or filling out our convenient online form to learn more about the pergola awning we can install at your Jacksonville, FL, home.