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Mandarin Patio Canopy Company

If you’re thinking of adding a patio canopy to your home in the Mandarin area, you’ve hit on a great idea. But you can make that idea even better by choosing a retractable patio awning from ArmorGuard Exteriors. We expertly install beautiful deck and patio awnings that can be extended when you want shade from the sun and retracted whenever you want to catch some rays. This versatility offers several advantages over a stationary patio canopy, including:

Improved Energy Efficiency

You can extend your retractable awning to shade your patio windows and glass doors on hot afternoons, thus blocking solar heat and reducing the strain on your air conditioner. You can also pull your awning in on cold winter days to let the sun shine in and help warm your home with less need for your heating system. This strategic use of your retractable patio canopy can potentially help you reduce your energy bills.

Protection for Your Investment

The retractable patio awnings we install are manufactured right here in North Florida by the shade experts at Sunesta, and they’re made to withstand the high winds that often blow in from the Atlantic Ocean. However, when a severe storm threatens, you can quickly roll up your retractable patio canopy to minimize the risk of storm damage. In fact, with one of our motorized awnings, you can choose an optional wind sensor that will retract your awning automatically whenever the winds kick up.

What’s more, when you turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors for your retractable patio canopy, you’ll have one of the industry’s most generous selections of colors and patterns to choose from. Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to learn more about the benefits of having a Sunesta retractable patio canopy installed on your home in the Mandarin area.