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Orange Park Gutter Company

If the gutters on your home in Orange Park, FL, periodically get stopped up by debris like leaves, twigs, pine needles, and Spanish moss, then you are likely aware that cleaning them is a dangerous chore involving climbing a ladder and performing difficult manual labor. Even if you feel confident on a ladder, injuring yourself remains a distinct possibly especially if you are in your 60s or older. Climbing a ladder to clean your gutters becomes more dangerous as you grow older due to physical changes inherent in the natural aging process such as muscle weakening, vision impairment, balance problems, and less flexibility.

Regardless of your age, however, climbing a ladder for the purpose of cleaning your gutters in Orange Park, FL, can be particularly risky if any of the following conditions are present:

  • Unstable or uneven ground that can make it difficult to securely anchor the ladder in place
  • A poorly maintained ladder that can become wobbly or break while you are standing on it to clean your gutters
  • Exposed electrical wiring that can come into contact with a metal ladder and electrocute anyone on it or touching it
  • Bulky or loose-fitting clothing that can snag on something and cause you to lose your balance
  • The onset of dizziness while performing challenging manual labor at a great height

Fortunately, there is a product that can let you say “goodbye” to the dirty, dangerous chore of cleaning your gutters forever. It’s called Gutter Helmet, and is essentially a cover that keeps out debris 24/7 and only lets rainwater in. If you think you’d like to have this product installed on your home in Orange Park, FL, contact Gutter Helmet of North Florida today.