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St. Augustine Window Advanced Hurricane Protection Company

There are many perks to living in St. Augustine, but worrying about the dangers posed by hurricanes isn’t one of them. Fortunately, you can reduce your home’s exposure to storm damage by being proactive and investing in one of the innovative hurricane window protection products available from ArmorGuard Exteriors.

Gone are the days when you had to hustle out to a home improvement store to buy bulky plywood, board up your windows, and sit in your darkened home as a storm approached and knocked out your power supply. When you turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors, you can opt for a better alternative, such as:

Removable Fabric Window Screens

The beauty of this type of hurricane window protection is that it can be folded away for convenient storage but quickly and easily deployed at a moment’s notice. Our fabric storm panels are lightweight and translucent but made from ultra-tough polypropylene material that’s Miami-Dade County-approved for winds as strong as those in a Category 5 hurricane.

Removable Hurricane Panels

We also offer removable storm panels crafted from steel or aluminum, as well as a rugged acrylic material that will provide reliable window protection but also allow daylight to filter into your home, even as a hurricane rages outside.

No matter which type of hurricane window protection you choose, when you turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors, we’ll expertly and inconspicuously install the hardware mounts on your home where they’ll remain year-round, ready for you to use whenever a storm threatens the St. Augustine area.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the innovative hurricane window protection options we have available, as well as the motorized retractable hurricane screens we can install to protect your patio. Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to get started.